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Welcome to Palouse Pastured PoultryWe are a small, family-owned farm in the heart of the Palouse country in eastern Washington, an area renowned for its rolling hills and grain production.  We specialize in raising wholesome, corn free soy free GMO free, pastured poultry, broiler chickens, turkeys, free-range chicken eggs, and duck eggs.                    

Our farm, is located on the southern border of Spokane county near Rosalia, Wash., encompassing a beautiful area of fields, meadows, bluffs, rolling hills, creek bottoms and tall timbers.  Our family has been farming here for generations and we have been greatly blessed to enjoy its bounty.  One of the great things about being a farmer is the ability to share this bounty with others.  This is especially true when you have control over what goes into your product, how it is packaged, processed and sold.

Because we have this control and because we like to eat what we raise, we pride ourselves on raising the highest quality food.  As the parents of three young children, we also strive to raise the healthiest food we can in our fields, garden and barnyard for our family and others to eat.     

We enjoy raising birds and tenderly care for them (none more than our 3-year-old son!).  Our birds eat grain we raised ourselves or locally-grown fresh ingredients we process; roam, graze, and socialize on green grass in their very large open and protective pen; and drink fresh, clean water that comes from our artesian well.  We do things pretty much the old-fashioned, all-natural way, and have no use for growth hormones or supplements, artificial preservatives, or GMO's.

Part of doing things all-natural includes raising birds when Mother Nature intends, during the warmer months of the year.  Our season for selling pullets begins in April, and our eggs and broiler chickens are available from the beginning of May to the end of October.  Turkeys are available in November and December. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about us and we hope you'll want to try our products!

Allen and Emmy Widman

American Pastured Poultry Producers Association: Member

"My Farm"
My farm to me is not just land,
where bare unpainted buildings stand.
To me my farm is nothing less
than all created loveliness.

My farm is not where I must soil
my hands in endless, weary toil.
But where through seed and swelling pod,
I've learned to walk and talk with God.

My farm to me is not a place
outmoded by a modern race.
I like to think I just see less
of evil, greed and selfishness.

My farm's not lonely, for all day
I hear my children laugh and play.
And here, when age comes, free from fears,
I'll live again long, joyous years.

My farm's a haven - here dwells rest,
security and happiness.
Whatever befalls the world outside,
here faith and hope and love abide.

And so my farm is not just land
where bare, unpainted buildings stand.
To me my farm is nothing less
than God's enduring loveliness.

                                Author Unknown